DASP Registration in the pocket!

Dux has just obtained its DASP registration from the AMF (it’s PSAN in French). What is DASP registration? Is it mandatory? What are the requirements for obtaining it? Does this make Dux more reliable? Let's discuss all this briefly.

Since 2020 in France, any Digital Asset Service Provider, or DASP, must register with the Autorité des Marchés (AMF) and the Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution (ACPR). As a DASP, Dux provides services on behalf of its clients, such as the custody and services of buying and selling bitcoin for legal tender, including the euro.

To provide bitcoin neo-banking services as a regulated DASP, Dux had to put in place an internal anti-money laundering and terrorist financing (AML-CTF) policy, as well as a risk classification that allows Dux to demonstrate its ability to manage risks related to financial flows.

These measures allow us to ensure that our customers are protected against these risks, and to operate our business legally in the eyes of French regulators.

Back to school 2021, buy bitcoin with Dux

DASP registration is the first regulatory step for us to become a European bitcoin neo-bank. We are starting our activity to allow the French to use a current account in euro and a savings account in bitcoin. We want to make bitcoin savings accessible to everyone. All from our mobile app.

Our mission is simple: to allow our friends, our mothers, our grandfathers to buy and secure bitcoin with confidence, independently and responsibly.

Bitcoin for France!

To do so, we have created a waiting list to recruit ambassadors, who, like us, want to see loved ones save over the long term for their retirement, for their children and their grandchildren.

The purpose of this waiting list? Be one of the first to be able to use our mobile app and give us constructive feedback in order to improve. We build our products first and foremost for ourselves, but above all for you, and your feedback is very valuable.

Thanks to this list, you will also be able to refer your loved ones, and receive bitcoin in return, in order to thank you for helping to move Dux forward and for trusting us.

To do so, simply register through http://app.duxreserve.com and invite your friends. We offer you 5 € each. The more people you refer, the more chance you have of earning a € 100 bitcoin bonus by reaching the top 3.

We hope that the influence of this pioneering French-wide campaign will also be able, in the near future, to cross borders and wake up bitcoiners who still lie dormant across Europe.

This waiting list does not commit you to anything: at Dux, you choose the services that interest you and you are free to leave at any time.

You can also find our DASP registration (number E2021-021) on the AMF's white list.