Dux Manifesto

All freedom is earned. Get up early to exercise, build a business, start a family, or write a book. All of these things have one thing in common: they are difficult to achieve. And they are all the more precious as few people manage to do them. With motivation, hard work and persistence, nothing is impossible. On the contrary, anything is possible. Great things can be accomplished. It all starts with a single thing: you.

We believe that willing and sovereign individuals embody the foundations of a social structure built on the internet and bitcoin. Motivated individuals and independent businesses form the core of a new global prosperity. While freedom is humanity's deepest desire, many take it for granted. But today it is more than necessary to earn it. Sovereign individuals can emancipate themselves through open source encryption-based software. By using bitcoin to save and protect their wealth from currency inflation, they avoid a covert form of tax that takes away their purchasing power and time.

With Dux, we offer an easy way to buy, secure and use bitcoin for the long term with peace of mind. We believe that our clients should always remain free and autonomous. A bitcoin neo-bank ought to allow its customers to remain mobile without costly constraints or dependencies. You decide to work with us of your own free will. Only use our products if you think they are best for you. You deserve it.

We design Dux first to meet our own needs. But also for our mothers, our families and our friends. Dux is for the butcher, lawyer, plumber, doctor or cook. Dux is aimed at families, workers and productive people. We do not have hidden costs. We don't do ads. No data reselling. Our reputation is the most important thing we own and we cherish it. You are not our product, but neither are we selfless benefactors. Pay only for the value you get. If our services are no longer suitable for you, you are free to go. There is no lock. We celebrate responsible individuals and unconditional freedom.

Bitcoin is the currency of the internet. The Internet is a country of nearly 4.6 billion people in 2021. We therefore believe that bitcoin is the catalyst for the greatest economic progress to date. This drastic change is still intimidating for many people. Dux is your bitcoin savings account. We're here to accompany you. Free yourself and take the time to shine in this new era.