1. The “click” with Bitcoin comes when one understands that it is a long-term savings account and not a short-term speculative investment

By explaining the causes and effects of inflation, alongside the properties of Bitcoin, people understand the importance of moving their euro out of their savings accounts, which are devalued due to monetary creation and dilution... and protecting them in bitcoins. No speculation, just peace of mind for retirement or for children's education.

2. Resistance to traditional savings rates is increasing, making diversification investments in bitcoins easier

It is evident that today, traditional savings accounts no longer provide returns to savers in Europe due to rampant inflation. Europeans are noticing this and are open to considering alternative investments, such as bitcoin. Some cautious savers ultimately want to diversify their investments with Bitcoin, especially in response to unorthodox monetary policies related to the COVID crisis.

3. The regret of not having bought earlier is always present at the beginning

The famous FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out): “Oh, I should have listened to my son who was already telling me to buy it two years ago, now it's too late!”. When it comes to people who have decided to get involved after hearing about Bitcoin several times, the FOMO is often present.

4. The purchase is often made with an initial significant investment, followed by recurring purchases

People have a slight fear of missing out (FOMO), which, combined with their understanding of Bitcoin, encourages them to make a significant initial investment to ease their conscience. Recurring purchases come and go according to their desires, situation, circumstances, etc.

5. The biggest fear of customers is having difficulty reselling their bitcoin

This is the most common concern. Although they understand the benefits of a long-term Bitcoin savings account, the question of “cashing out” in case of need often arises. “What if I want to buy a house, can I sell bitcoins?” We explain to them - purely for informational purposes - that it is certainly possible, taking into account the 30% flat tax imposed in France on any capital gains. We do not provide tax advice.

6. Personalized customer service as a private advisor is crucial for building trust

In Europe, talking about money can be taboo. Is this about to change with the popularization of Bitcoin? At the moment, the trustful relationship that we strive to establish with our clients erase this discomfort to make way for very relevant discussions!

7. The price hardly matters in the short term when one buys regularly

This is our greatest achievement: making our clients understand that regardless of the price of Bitcoin, it is important to save regularly and not be carried away by emotions when the price falls or rises. In the long term, the fluctuations in its price matter little: Bitcoin is on an upward trend.

8. Learning to keep your own keys is easily done even without technical skills

We spend a maximum of 2 hours with individuals who have never heard of a hardware wallet, and they are surprisingly doing well! We provide them with documentation to stay on track and not panic in case of doubt: the Security Memo and the A to Z onboarding for a hardware wallet.

9. The rejection of other cryptocurrencies with often misleading speeches is assimilated

Cryptocurrencies are often criticized for their volatility and high risk of capital loss, and this is justified. Cryptocurrencies, other than Bitcoin, are highly risky and unreliable in the long term. Our clients understand that Bitcoin is a long-term savings diversification, which should not be confused with cryptocurrencies, often used for short-term speculative investments.

10. Discretion regarding one's Bitcoin savings is the motto

As mentioned earlier, openly discussing money is not common in Europe. Discretion is the second factor that makes customers feel comfortable using our service in the long term.

Everyone lives their Bitcoin journey in their own way, and it is important to have a reliable guide to refer to in case of doubt or questioning. We are here to support individuals, families, and businesses in their Bitcoin journey.